Braxton Paul Salon Perms

Braxton Paul Salon provides you with the perm services you need to maintain a curly or wavy look. Choose one of our perms to add body and texture to your style and save yourself the daily time and hassle of constantly styling your hair.

Perm Prices

Demi Texture – starting at $98

If you aren’t looking for such a tightly curled look, our Demi Texture service can add body and a natural looking wave.

Spiral Perm – starting at $98

Our spiral perm will add a beautiful, textured curl to your hair that will increase your volume and save you time and effort in the morning.

Highlights Services – starting at $60

Achieve your desired look with our professional highlighting services. We have extensive experience in: T-Section Highlights, Tint & T-Section Highlights, Partial Highlights, Tint & Partial Highlights, Full Highlights, Tint & Full Highlights and Olaplex. See prices now >>

Experience Braxton Paul Salon

Braxton Paul Salon gives you a world class experience that goes a long way towards making you look amazing and feel incredible. If you want to try out a new look, let us take you there. Schedule an appointment today.  806-331-8364