Hair Extensions Services

Do you want beautiful, long hair? Schedule a consultation for hair extensions today. Braxton Paul Salon is proud to work with Dreamcatchers hair extensions to provide you with a solution. We use the best market quality hair and apply it with techniques to make your results pleasant and long lasting.

Dream Catchers Hair Extensions

Most hair extensions require color treatment to achieve the desired color, but this compromises the quality of the hair. Dreamcatchers does not treat the hair, they offer natural hair of every shade, body, and texture.

Dreamcatchers does not use glue, waxes, or weaves. It is a non-intrusive method that was designed to be used with thin to thick hair. The chemical free application allows the extensions to be reused for up to a year or longer.

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Hair Extensions Prices – Call for Pricing

We understand each person’s distinctive look and needs vary. Braxton Paul Salon provides extensions to fit every request and leave no customer unsatisfied. Please call to schedule a consultation and get pricing for your desired look.