Braxton Paul Salon Waxing Services & Prices

There are many benefits to waxing including overall upkeep of your style. You will find that you have smoother skin and cosmetics are easier to apply and longer lasting. Save time and stress less while looking great every day. Waxing results last 2-6 weeks and can even slow down hair growth after continuous application, providing you with a longer lasting solution to unwanted hair.

Lip Wax $18

Lip waxing is delicate and sensitive and doing it at home can be troublesome and painful. Braxton Paul Salon offers affordable and professional waxing services to help you maintain smooth and youthful skin.

Eyebrow Wax $19

Beautifully contoured eyebrows accentuate hairstyles and frame your facial features. Let Braxton Paul Salon bring out your best style with an Eyebrow Wax.

Eyebrow + Lip Wax $30

Combine the benefits of Eyebrow and Lip Wax services at one convenient price.

Facial Wax – based on consultation

Facial waxing is beneficial for many reasons. It acts as an exfoliation treatment by removing dead skin cells and and fine hairs. Leave your face with a fresh glow for longer with a delicate facial wax.

Why Braxton Paul Salon

Braxton Paul Salon is as much about family as it is about fashion. You’re not just a client. You’re a friend, and we treat you with the friendly and professional service you deserve. Come experience Braxton Paul Salon and schedule an appointment today.